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Anaglyph Workshop

Mac OS X 10.9.5 or Higher

Anaglyph Workshop

Windows XP SP3, Vista or Higher

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Anaglyph Workshop

Anaglyph Software Features.

Create Anaglyphs From Single Pictures. View your pictures with 3D Glasses. Select a portion of your picture and choose how far out that portion of the picture will appear.

Create Anaglyphs From Dual Image Pairs. Handles Left/Right image pairs and single images that contain side-by-side pictures as well as opening .MPO files. Can create Can create red/blue or yellow/blue anaglyph as well as side-by-side images.

Create Anaglyphs From Depthmaps. Add a hidden image to any photograph. Includes sample depthmaps. Or create your own depthmaps with the built-in depthmap tool.

Create Anaglyphs From a Sequence of Single Images or From a Sequence of Dual Pair Images. Export the results as another sequence of images or as a QuickTime movie.

Batch Process .MPO files, Side-By-Side Images and Folders of Left/Right Image.

Create Holmes Cards. Create custom sized Holmes Cards for use with different styled viewers.







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Anaglyph Workshop Screenshots

Anaglyph Workshop Screenshot 1.
Anaglyph Workshop - Single Image Editor


Anaglyph Workshop Holmes Card
Anaglyph Workshop - Holmes Card


Anaglyph Workshop 3D Movie Maker
Anaglyph Workshop - Sequential Images


Anaglyph Workshop 3D Camera Software.
Anaglyph Workshop - Dual Images
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