Getting Started with Metes and Bounds

  1. Toolbar

  2. Data Entry

  3. Drawing Area

  4. Drawing and Layer Settings


Entering a Plot Description:

1.  Start with a new drawing. You can create a new drawing by choosing New Drawing from the File menu.

2.  Press the Data Entry Form button in the data entry area.

3.  The first call is North 0 degrees, 40 minutes and 15 seconds, East, for 1213 feet. Watch carefully, because the call appears to be 40 degrees, but isn't, it is 40 minutes. Press the Add Line button to enter the call.

4.  Continue entering the calls as described in the plot description. Keep an eye out for additional calls that do not include a written degree.

5. Once all of the calls have been entered, press the Done or Cancel button to close the Data Entry Form.

6.  At this point, depending on the size of your screen, you probably won't be able to see the entire plot in the drawing area. To see the entire drawing adjust the Scale slider on the Drawing tab in the Drawing and Layer Settings area. You can also change the drawing's scale by clicking on the popup menu triangle next to the scale slider. Try selecting a scale such as 1"=330'. Your drawing should now look like this:

Additional tutorials, which cover many of the most commonly asked questions, can be found under the Help menu of Metes and Bounds.